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Business Flow

1 Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us by inquiry form or telephone.The sales person will reply.
Please feel free to contact us.

2 Hearing


We hear your demands. We hear what kind of products you want and the number of lot, and budget, delivery date and so on.
If you wish to have your original product, we hear that too.

3 Meeting


After considering in our company, we make a proposal for your demand.

4 Missing Quotation

Missing Quotation

Based on the hearing, we also submit a quotation. We'll consult about payment condition, etc.

5 Order


If you accept each condition above, please place an order.

6 Production


As for original product, we present a sample of the product. If you're OK with that, please make the final confirmation.
We produce and inspect the products by the appointed delivery date you reques

7 Delivery


We ship the products to your designated location.